Lashes Courses Manchester

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Lashes Courses Manchester

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Lashes Courses Manchester

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Lashes Courses Manchester

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 we now offer Lash Courses in

                       Manchester , Birmingham, Bristol, exeter,plymouth, cornwall, cardiff , Bournemouth, leeds, liverpool, swindon                                                        SEE YOU SOON , LOVE LUSH LASHES TEAM XX

                                                            For an established,  professional and friendly course in lash extensions and lash lifts & Lash tech products.

Lush lashes   &   Training Academy. 





welcome to lush lashes training academy. The original and trade mark owner of lush lashes, trade mark, registered mark number UK00003519538. (there are so many lush lashes now, i cant keep up lol!)


Following seven years of running 2   lush lashes lash salons , using our own  lush lashes products exclusively in our own salons and offering lash  training within our on site training academy,   We have now directing our focus on providing individual lash extension and lash lift and tint courses in Manchester,  and are now focused on offering the course throughout the UK.

 We listened to our lovely customers and the enquiries we were receiving ,was from ladies wanting training in other areas of the UK, soooo voila! we are expanding our course venue areas massively throughout 2021.   If we do not offer your area you are interested in to attend a lash course please contact us, it may be next on city on our list......

We offer a master training qualification, TO ALL AGE GROUPS,  ( you need to be 16 yrs old), to include the application of classic, Russian and express lashes, so no need to attend lots of seperate courses! We provide all the necessary products you need on the day to complete our one day courses.  We go straight into practical as you arrive so lots of practice practice practice!  we find it breaks the ice aswell so no nerves.... and deffo no reading through reams of boring classwork stuff! 

We can offer this stuffed full practical day training day, as there is some theory to complete, but it is online. so all the boring bit is completed when you arrive to complete your practical training day. 

There are 3 sets of modules to complete online prior to the practical day and you will gain 3 qualifications on completion of all modules and the practical day.

 You gain 3 qualifications

professional standards of therapists

individual lash extensions,

russian  volume (pre made fans) & easy fan . (you will be sent the link for the courses once you have checkout out which course you want to purchase)

We also offer the option to  be added to a private whattsapp group where you have access to all tips and advice you will ever need, from tips on application to glues, to lash maps and styles, or anything else that matters to you!

 But you can also contact us direct  by phone or email , it is no problem that is what we are here for. If you do not want  to be included in this  facebook group, i completely understand , i too am abit of a insta, facebook dinasaur.  

We have been using the same products for over 5 years in our salons , we believed them to be great, but the factory manufacturers are updating their products at an alarming rate.!

So .... SO HAVE WE...... Check out our new stock ! There is no bettter quality out there!

Any students who attend a course from march 2021 will recieve the full new training kit and products, worth approx £150 included.

Our online shop is also open 24/7. We have 2 websites , you can purchase products from eithier site, Note: if you wish to purchase stock on a 3 month plan with klarna , you need to purchase through and choose klarna at checkout.


look forward to seeing you soon

love ali xx & lush lashes team xx
















We have seven years of experience in running a lash salon in Manchester – one of the first to focus exclusively on lashes – and our lash courses have been running into its 5th year.. Our company is now focusing to providing a training program for people of all ages, with a view towards taking our expertise throughout the UK. Our products have a proven success in salons and our team consists of reliable professionals who provide a service that is always comprehensive and friendly.





 W h y   C h o o s e 
Lush Lashes Training Academy

All encompassing services for Lashes Courses in Manchester

All-Encompassing Service

We teach you to work with classic lashes, pre-made Russian lashes and express lashes, which means you will be able to cover all lash styles, including hybrid, kim k , russian volume, classic and express, So why not save yourself the time of attending three separate courses and instead take our all-encompassing expert qualification on all three lash applications.

Experienced staff with our Lashes Courses in Manchester

Experienced Staff

We have strong experience in providing lash training courses to a vast number of clients, but we are more than just trainers! Our company founded one of the first lash-only salons in the UK, so we have unrivaled know how of exactly what the customer wants when they get their lashes done. You will not only learn how to apply lashes but also acquire the knowledge to help you become a success in your new venture!

Attentive and intimate Lashes Courses in Manchester

Attentive and Intimate Classes

Our class size is normally six people with a limit of 10 for any class, enabling us to know you personally and provide a service that is always highly attentive and detailed, allowing clients to quickly grow their lash tech skills. We are always available personally or online following your training course if you need help with any particular areas and  we have a closed training facebook group we will add you to on attending the training course for any help or tips, but if you feel you need to re -attend the course, that is no problem, that is our guarentee!





Training Dates

All lash courses in Manchester, Birmingham,exeter, plymouth, cornwall,bristol & cardiff are accredited by the Guild and on completion of the online theory modules and practical days, you will receive a certificate along with the opportunity to join the Guild as a full member.


B o o k   A   C o u r s e


 Lashes Courses and Training in Manchester





Our Products

All products have been used in our salon over several years and are available to you to purchase . You can purchase a full classic hybrid & Russian volume lash kit for £70 rep £150.00 it contains everything you will need to create classic hybrid and Russian volume lash sets xx




 Well what can I say, I came to Alison today to complete my final module on semi permanent lashed course! Alison you are the best, I was so nervous and I didn't need to be, you are so friendly and professional at what you do, I thoroughly enjoyed my day with you. Thank you for giving me the confidence to progress and hopefully be just like you!

Yeah I'm qualified xxx

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 Lush Lashes Training Academy offers first-class lash courses in Manchester and throughout the UK,  if you are interested in becoming an expert in lash extensions and lash lifts, get in contact with us.

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