Magic wand mascara


Lush lashes NEW magic wand mascara, in jet black.

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Its a minefield out there when purchasing a new mascara are you often left wondering which one?

Do you prefer curved wands or straight wands, do you want to add volumn and length to your lashes or curl?

If your sick of buying lots of different mascaras, this one mascara offers all , volumn and length and curl to your lashes.  

The general rule is, curved wands create curl, straight big brush wands tend to add length and volumn to your lashes 

The NEW magic wand mascara has a handle at the base of the wand if you twist , the wand curves so you can create curl and lift to your lashes, if you then straighten the wand by twisting it back , using the straight wand once your lashes have enough curl on them, add more mascara to build volumn and length, its never been easier to create those LUSH LASHES Xx


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